925 new features of WINDEV 25, WEBDEV 25 and WINDEV Mobile 25

Legend WD WB WM: the legend indicates the product in which the new feature is available. This documentation only presents the new fea- tures of version 25. To discover the thousands of features of each product, consult their respective documentation at WINDEV.COM . Version 25 brings you an incredible amount of ready-to- use innovations . New Smart controls, new WLanguage functions, smart magnetism, GitHub, more powerful and simplified operating modes... Your teams will be even more efficient! Version 25 brings your teams 925 essential new features. Build on your existing experience while taking advantage of new technologies: this is the benefit provided by version 25. These new features meet your needs, and are compatible with the elements you already have. WINDEV 25 , WEBDEV 25 and WINDEV Mobile 25 are your work tools. The main objective of our teams is your satisfaction and success, on all environments and hardware platforms. Version 25 will quickly become your favorite version! ORDER VERSION 25 TODAY! Integrated DevOps environment. No more scattered tools, go WINDEV!